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You have decided on your web site. The graphics look fantastic, text has been compiled by a professional script writer,  and the pages have been designed by a professional web designer. Your  site has been up for months but the only visitors you are getting are your existing clients ... even though you have used free search engine submission software to submit your site ... Why? You have spent literally thousands of dollars and a huge amount of time and all you have is an online advert for your existing clients, those you have told about your site.

The ANSWER... Search Engines... once you realize that the top 1000 Global firms spend tens of  thousands of dollars a year on Professional Site Optimisation and Ongoing Search Engine Submission you can understand why you should spend at least a few hundred. 

Unless your web pages are accepted and ranked highly by search engine you may as well NOT be on the internet looking for new clients. It is a recognized fact that over 80% of new visitors to your site will come via search engines ... no matter what 'hard copy' advertising you do.

With these statistics in mind it is an INVESTMENT in your on-line success to ensure that your site is professionally optimised and professionally submitted to search engines. It can be difficult for web site owners to understand that the cost of P SEO (Professional Search Engine Optimisation) is, in many cases, far more important than fancy graphics and the significant cost of web design. 

We have organized for many of our clients even with basic web designed pages to rank highly on search engines simply because their owners have worked on a tight budget to produce their web sites and have come to realize the importance of the search engine results.

The first part of SEO is the research needed to combine with your marketing plan.

Research for keywords to tailor optimise your site is as follows:

Number of Keywords Pricing $AUD
Research for 5 keywords  $99
Research for 10 keywords $150
Research for 20 keywords $250

Once we have selected the best performing keywords we offer Basic and Platinum SEO as follows:


Basic SEO

Pricing $AUD

Optimise Page


Once Off  Submission


Monthly submission for 1 year to 10 major engines


For those site owners who demand the best and want to take advantage of the specific goods and or services on offer we will optimise and submit your site for a full 12 months.

  • Your site must be hosted on our servers to achieve maximum performance (Platinum clients are only hosted on our Xeon4 2.8Ghz servers for fastest response and download times)

  • The service is for 12 months; 3 months for initial listings and a further period of 9 months of submissions.

  • We will optimise 1 page for 20 keyword/phrases and submit to 10 major nominated search engines

Platinum SEO

Pricing $AUD

Research for 10 keywords
Optimise Page
Monthly Submissions for 1 year to 10 major engines


Research for 20 keywords
Optimise Page
Monthly Submissions for 1 year to 10 major engines


For further information please open a support ticket and detail your requirements - we're here to help provide you with the complete solution. 

Remember: 80% of your visitors and sales will come from Search Engines! 

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