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We use Dell Poweredge Servers.

Why is SupplyLink Managed Hosting offering a Service Level Agreement?

SupplyLink is committed to providing superior network performance and the highest quality of care for our customers. Our goal is to provide SLAs that exceed industry standards while providing our customers with superior service.

How do new customers obtain the SLA?

All SupplyLink Managed Hosting customers are automatically covered by the SLA when they purchase their package.

How much does the SLA cost?
  The SLA is free to all SupplyLink customers.  
How does the refund on the network and hardware guarantees work?
  Uptime is counted in minutes per month. The network guarantee covers uptime relating to provisioning of bandwidth through our multiple providers, network hardware including router, switches, and cabling and other hardware relating to the network infrastructure. The hardware guarantee covers all hardware components to include processors, ram, hard disks, motherboard, NIC card and other hardware as described in the server lease.  
Is there a limit on the credit I receive?

Yes, the limitations are as follows: 100% of the monthly fee in a given month for network downtime. 100% of the monthly fee in a given month for hardware downtime.

Who do I contact regarding credits?

Customers should contact our customer service department by submitting a Support Ticket.

Who is eligible for the SLA?

Any SupplyLink customer who purchases packaged hosting services from SupplyLink is covered by the SLA.

What is the deadline to request a refund?

A request for a credit must be submitted within 7 business days of a service interruption using our Support Ticket and will be made against the next billing period.

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