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Domain Name Parking or Domain Parking

Domain Name Parking or Domain Parking as it is commonly called is the registration of an Internet domain name without using it for services such as an e-mail address or a website. This may be done to secure the domain name for development at a future date or to protect your name or business name from cyber squatting, or it may be to engage in cyber squatting in the hope of profiting from the sale of the domain name at a later date. 

Domain Parking may also be used to gain additional traffic to your main site, for example your main site may reside at yourdomainname dot com and by purchasing yourdomainname dot com dot au or another available country specific domain name you would then gain additional traffic to the main site by pointing the new domain to the existing main domain.

It is always best to utilise any domain name you purchase because Registrars often use them to point or advertise their own services if they are not used. When this happens the only benefit that is achieved is by the Registrar as free advertising and traffic.

Domain parking can also be classified as monetised and non-monetised. 

Monetised is where advertisements are shown to visitors and the registrant gains revenue provided you have organised these yourself and they are not to the benefit of the Registrar. 

Non-Monetised is where an "Under Construction" or a "Coming Soon" message may or may not be seen as the main page of the domain either by the registrar or reseller. This is a single-page website that people see when they type the domain name or follow a link in a web browser. 

Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.

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