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This is an example of what happens when a person starts to do business on the internet. You have decided on your web site. The graphics look fantastic, you have decided on the text, the pages have been designed by a professional web designer, you have been on the internet for several months and you are only getting a few visitors - those people you have told about your site, your existing clients or a few who have stumbled across your site ... even though you have used a free auto site submission process ... Why? 

New website owners tend to use this method and are puzzled as to why they are unable to find their site even after several months. The reason, if it were as simple as using a free submission service then every site who submitted their details would be listed in the top 100 searches. Obviously that is just impossible and explains why big business spends hundreds of thousands yearly on SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Unless your web pages are accepted by Major search engine you may as well NOT be on the internet looking for new clients. Research says that up to 80% or more new visitors to your site will come via search engines ... no matter what 'hard copy and local' advertising you do. These days that figure may be up or down due to sites like Facebook and YouTube but the fact is that the majority of first-time visitors will find you through search results.

What can you do?

There are several options:

  1. Just sit and do nothing and wait and see what happens over time

  2. Search the internet for tools to help you do it

  3. Pay for advertising in the search engines

  4. Advertise using non internet methods - letter box drop, newspapers etc

  5. Engage the services of a SEM professional

This raises the primary question, which is better; paid advertising or high natural ranking in the search engines and when you consider that surveys suggest that only 15% of users look past the first page of search engine results the answer may be critical to the success of your online business.

Paid Advertising - for those unsure what this is, in essence it applies to the links you see at the very top and the right hand side of Google's search results. This advertising costs per click, this means that it is free until someone clicks on the link and is delivered to your page. The cost varies from virtually nothing to hundreds of dollars or more depending on what has been bid for placement. This method can be very expensive for the unfamiliar and should only be considered if you know exactly how the process works and continually monitor the results and ROI.

Natural Search Results - these are the other results (other than the paid) that are shown on the results page. Natural results are 'free' in as much as there is no direct payment to the search engine. The cost of these results is in the fee paid to the SEM professional who has researched and optimised your site to obtain these results.

Pros and Cons:

Paid - you obtain near instant results; can be very expensive.
e.g. you pay $0.25 per click and have 1000 visitors = $250 - the profit from the 1000 visitors fails to cover the cost. The cost starts at $0.25 however competition from other sellers wanting the same or similar search terms/phrases drives the price higher and higher.

Natural - once achieved it rarely changes; usually takes longer than paid. 
The ROI is generally higher and it appears that many experienced search engine users actually skip the paid advertising in favour of the natural rankings because they understand that the natural ranking has been achieved in part because of site quality and other factors as determined by the search engine, they see these natural results as being of better quality.

To engage in natural Search Engine Marketing we encourage you to review our packages below however firstly please look at a sample of the results we have achieved. Click the phrase 'Top 10 Listing' opposite the search engine to see the results.  

Google is recognised as the top search engine with Yahoo and others following suit. If you are not listed there you may as well not be listed anywhere.


Google Top 10 Listing
Bing Top 10 Listing
Yahoo Top 10 Listing

With these statistics in mind it is an INVESTMENT in your on-line success to ensure that your site is professionally optimised and professionally marketed to search engines. It can be difficult for web site owners to understand that the cost of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is, in many cases, far more important than spending money on fancy graphics and the often times significant cost of web design. 

Search Engine Marketing Process

  • Market investigation for keywords/phrases

  • Code pages where necessary

  • Initial submission to selected major search engines

  • Submission for 12 months

  • Modify pages where necessary to achieve rankings

  • Resubmission

  • Maintain ranking

Once we have selected the best performing keywords we offer Basic and Platinum SEO as follows:

*Gold - SEM

SEM Gold 
Main Page + 5 Linked URLs

Pricing $AUD

Research for 5 keywords/phrases
Submission to search engines

AUD$399 for 12 Mths

To order your Gold Professional Search Engine Marketing click here.

*Platinum - SEM

SEM Gold 
Main Page + 5 Linked URLs

Pricing $AUD

Research for 20 keywords/phrases
Submission for 1 year to search engines
Modify where necessary
Resubmit to search engines

AUD$599 for 12 Mths

To order your Platinum Professional Search Engine Marketing click here.

For further information please open a support ticket and detail your requirements - we're here to help provide you with the complete solution. 

Remember: up to 80% or more of your visitors/sales will come from Search Engines
and less than 15% will look past the first page of results!


  • Your site must be hosted on our servers ensuring that you site performs to the standards required by search engines like Google. As each search engine varies in it's process for listing, sites may take up to several weeks or more to be listed.

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