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Our passive income affiliate program is one of the most generous available, we understand the real life time value of our clients and recognise that there is no better way to promote our services than by word of mouth.

To benefit from our passive residual income scheme simply register as an Affiliate. Immediately you will be rewarded with a deposit into your affiliate account of $20. 

For each new customer that is opened using your affiliate link we will pay you an ongoing rate of 30%.

The table below illustrates your potential by having a link/banner on your website and successfully referring just 5 visitors per week who purchase our most popular 12 month package:

Period Average Spend Commission
Year 1 $95.40 $7,441.20
Year 2 $95.40 $14,882.40
Year 3 $95.40 $22,323.60
Year 4 $95.40 $29,764.80
Year 5 $95.40 $37,206.00

As you can see from the above table it is a simple process to get FREE web hosting PLUS build a massive balance in your account.

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